Monday, December 11, 2006

I Want A Faith Like That...

Lately I have been all over the place spiritually...I really have let Satan get a hold of me and let me slip on the small things and then progress to bigger things…Let me tell you, it sucks…And when I get down sometimes, I throw in some music to try and feel better, which by the way, is something that only temporarily fixes a problem, (not a recommendation for use as a problem fixer)…Anyways, I threw in Jonah 33 and went to really one of the only songs I know by them, “Faith Like That”…As I listened to the words, it hit me that I really have not been in the right mind…I haven’t been longing for the right things…The song talks about wanting to be like the first Christians, the first followers of Jesus, the ones who completely gave all they had, gave their lives for something they realized was and is bigger than themselves…I long to have that mindset…I want to be sold out for Christ and have his love and power permeate through my pores…I don’t want to be able to hide from the one thing in me that is so powerful and huge that anyone who sees will believe…I know in a way I am sitting here whining about my own little spiritual battle, and I’m wallowing in my sin and feeling sorry for myself…I know there are starving children in Africa who need the love of Christ (high five Jerm) and who need someone to love on them and make them feel like they are someone…So, it seems like I am in my own little shell just rolling around and not getting anywhere…Non of this is good, of course, because it is a lie from Satan that I should dwell on my sins and beat myself up for them…All I have to do is give all to God and so completely trust his every move and judgment that I no longer question life and its meaning…I no longer fall back into petty sin…I only move forward…Basically, I want to have the faith of old…the faith that does not question…the faith that only reflects God and who He really is…

I Have heard about the days of old
About the men who followed You
And how they saw the Supernatural
And became the chosen few

So I come before You now
Tearing off my earthly crowns
For this one thing I have Found

I want Faith Like That
To see the dead rise
Or to see You pass by
Oh I, I want Faith Like That
Whatever the cost
I'll suffer the loss,
Oh I want Faith Like That

:Jonah 33- "Faith Like That"

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Jeremy said...

Was this Jake writing this one? You're blowing me away man. Way to keep fighting through it all. And by the way, you really don't have to come out to Africa. God uses you wherever you are...I'm finding that out HERE of all places. Just looking back at how much I COULD'VE done in high school! Well anyways, I still love the fact that you refuse to use the period. Signature Sinko right there. Peace brother.