Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stress Busting Strategies

I didn't think these up, but figured I would share them.
From The Original Inspirational Bathroom Book by: W.B. Freeman.

1. Yawn really big
2. Stand up straight- Poor posture is linked to about 80% of back pain. Slouching also reduces lung capacity by about 30%. Back pain and shallow breathing are directly related to physical stress.
3. Do nothing- Forget about appearing lazy. Take a cue from kids. Children don't feel guilt when they aren't productive. For a child, doing nothing doesn't mean being inactive, it means doing something that doesn't have a name.
4. Get a good night's sleep- At its worst, lack of sleep contributes to accidents. It also makes the immune system less effective.
5. Start each day with prayer.
6. Eat a healthy breakfast that includes some protein.
7. Do aerobic exercise regularly.
8. Take short breaks- As you're tackling assignments, take a couple minutes every half hour or so to stand up, walk around, roll your shoulders to release tension, and focus on something else; perhaps a sen-drenched beach or a cozy fireplace in a ski lodge.
9. Drink plenty of water- Kicks up your energy level. The lower the water intake, the thicker the blood, which puts more stress on the heart. My own note: Energy drinks are absolutely awful for your body in every way. I don't care if they claim to have vitamins in them.
10. Have a small mid-morning snack- Low in fat and calories and an equally healthy lunch and mid-afternoon snack.
11. Before the workday ends, clear your mind of job-related clutter- Put your unfinished work in an imaginary box on your desk. Put a lid on the box and put the box in a safe. Lock the safe and leave the key on your desk. If you start to think about work at home, remember- you don't have the key! (cheesy, I know)
12. Carve out some quiet time- Do this immediately after getting home if you can. Go someplace where you can be alone. Sink into a hammock, a lawn chair, a recliner, or a bed, close your eyes and do this non-exercise: Tense the muscles in your toes, and then relax them. Repeat this process in your feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, stomach, chest, back, fingers, hands, forearms, elbows, upper arms, and shoulders, neck, face, and head. My own note: Find a friend who own a hot tub or a YMCA membership and can get you in once a week to the hot tub.
13. Replace TV time with "People" time- Instead, call a friend or play a game with your family. Do something that involves "fun" with other people.
14. Take vitamins- Especially vitamin C, B-complex, and vitamin E, and other anti-oxidants. These vitamins help fight off negative effects of stress