Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So...Here I am chilling and being whatever...Not being who I should and who God made me...Hiding in my shell of fallen humanity...Then it hit me...STOP IT...Now, I havent been terrible, just a tweak off of who I know I should be...
Tonight I went up to a friends room to give him some info about an event on campus we are in and God rocked my world...Me and Steven (my buddy) ended up talking about past and present struggles we both had and have and it was freaking awesome...We just shared what was going on with each other and some friends and family and we were super real...I haven't had that in awhile with someone...It was refreshing...I just felt like I was really listening to God...He totally spoke through me to Steven...At the end we just hugged and prayed super intense for each other and the stuff we talked about....Through it, God showed me and is showing me how important it is to be in community with one another supporting each other...Too many times I have tried faith by myself and I always felt I was trying to climb out of a hole I had inadvertently dug myself into...I didnt get support from other like minded people as well as I should have...And if you don't think we need community to have a solid faith I would then have to ask you to read the Bible...Check out Acts...That church was insane...Community at its finest...People living in each others lives and they were constantly expanding...The fact that they grew shows they were doing something attractive to people...I have realized that while it is still good to have solitude and alone time with God, we need to take what stems from that into others...Who I am, that is, who God made me to be, requires me to share who I am with others...I long to give a part of me to people in hopes they do the same in return...I just want to love people and be there for them...No matter what...I understand not everyone is open, but I will love and pray for someone just the same...God gave me that gift...AMEN.

"It's remarkable that solitude always calls us to community."
-Henri Nouwen

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Need Prayer...

Prayer...Need it...Got some issues going on in which I am going to have to step up and be the solid man of faith for some people to lean on...I know God can do everything on his own...I just have this feeling he is going to use me here soon...Just wondering if any of you all who believe for real in prayer will do just that for me...And for sure also pray for the situation itself...There is some pretty hairy stuff going on...And please, if you have anything in your own life, I would love to pray for you too...That's how this whole community of believers thing works...:)


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Untitled Revelation....

So...Along the way in my walk with God there have been quite a few people who have helped and directed and shown me where God is working and evident...Inside that big group of people there were just a handful who really impacted my life in a total way and were people I looked up to...They were people whom I thought lived lives worthy of Christ's name....When I first started my relationship with God they supported me and showed me how to live that very life...As time went on however, they seemed to start to loose this foothold they had...They made small compromises that led to bigger mistakes...They did things that they first taught me did not coincide with a life sold out for Christ...I was confused...I did not understand how a person could lose what they once knew to be true...Did truth change? Did God change? Or were they all of a sudden choosing to not do what Christ would have them do? No way, I thought to myself...They are too solid, it's just a stint...They will come around soon...Well, I am still waiting for them to come around...The tables have almost flipped and I seem to be the one that needs to help someone in their journey with God...I am just so afraid to...They have been so close for so long and my "heroes" for so long I don't feel like I have the authority to...A lie...James 5:19-20...."My brothers, if one of you should wander from truth and someone should bring him back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins." Well, there it is...I need to suck it up and realize that someone not liking me confronting them is less important that their relationship with God...What a wise man James is...:) is a song by buddy Mike and I wrote about this...Come see us perform it Sunday April 6th...

You turned your back and walked away
Leaving your faith and those who cared
You left me to fight alone
You left me to fight alone

This path you tried is broken and wide
This life you live will only promise death
Come out of the darkness
There is still true love
There is still true truth

I'll be standing here
He'll be standing here
We'll be here forever