Sunday, September 27, 2009


Man, sometimes you just have those days...You ever have those days where you just feel emotional is every way you possibly can? About everything...School, future, girls, and everything that falls under it...For some reason I've been sitting there for a few days...This past Friday the band The Glorious Unseen came to my school (Spring Arbor University) for a worship night...It was soo great...These guys are legit and have their hearts in the right place...They sound what I have dreamed about my ideal worship sounding like for the last six years...To top it off they are super chill and were cool before and after the "concert"...

Since that night, I have realized just how large my desire is to tour in a band...As naive and immature as it can sound, I seriously just want to go and play music with a bunch of dudes after college...Share apart of who I am with people and have them connect in their own way with it...

I struggle with knowing if this is part of God's plan...Trusting Him is so hard sometimes...I'm sure maybe you know what I'm talking about...I know I don't the future...But I cannot deny that I have this innate desire in me for music...I know that desire is from God...I can't get away from that...And everytime I see a band live I just want it so much more...Especially after this Friday...The Glorious Unseen knows how to connect with the emotion and the little nuances behind the music...The little things that cause us to worship God in a raw, authentic way...Not that they are the only ones getting it right, It's just that they are on the top of my list...

I love music. I love playing guitar. I love people. I love sharing who I am. I love sitting with my eyes closed while listening to music, going to a place that I know cannot physically being touched...

Matthew 6:33 is a staple verse for me right now: "Seek first his kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

So hard to believe one-hundred percent of the time...

If I scream Your name again
Will you reach my bloody hands?
God I'm holding on to You
For You can make me new
If I scream Your name again
Will you reach my bloody hands?
God I'm holding to Your arms
I've been holding on so long

::The Glorious Unseen::


Me. Thats all. said...

When they pulled out the trumpet, I almost peed myself. They were so good.

I love you man, and this is why we should pray together every once in a while!

Also, I love you (wait, I already said that), but I do. I admire you for seeking God's plan so selflessly. I love you.


Abz said...

Love this, love this.
And I know where you are coming from dude.
And here's the thing.. I feel like the desires, the hopes and the dreams that God has placed in each of our hearts, the gifts that he has given us... they aren't for nothing.

Your dreams, your gifts, he gave them to you because he is going to USE them! The hard part is the waiting, the being available in the meantime, the being involved as many ways as we can and seeking His will every way we can.
And whatever we can't do, HE WILL BRING TO PASS!

Anonymous said...