Wednesday, March 19, 2008

As The Sun Sets Tonight...

So...I am getting baptized this sunday, which is is Easter...Mixed feelings on it...I am excited and stoked of course...But curious as to how some of my family is going to take it...I was baptized as a Catholic when I was something like 4 months old and now I am going to be baptized again in a not-Catholic church...:) (I became a Christian when I was 15 and still am the only one) I feel like it is the next step for me for sure...Anywhere in the Bible, especially in Acts, anytime someone starts believing in Jesus, their next step is to be baptized...I just think that this is another step in my journey with Jesus and I am ready to take it...I wish a few more of my friends were around for Easter to be a part of it, (some are stuck at school) but its cool, because I am getting baptized in the church where people are who supported me and helped me along the way...And in the church where I became a Christian...So needless to say, I am stoked to be dunked in a cold tank of water teeming with Jesus :) And if you want to join the party, come to Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church in Spring Arbor, Michigan on Easter to the 11:15 service and join in....:)

Oh, and if you want to, a little prayer for the event itself and how I will use this to share stuff with my family would be awesome :) Thanks sooooo much!

Lyrics to a song that has been loud in my head for awhile now...

Exchanging Beauty For The Ashes
Given My Heart To Nothing Real
I've Given My Heart Away
To So Many Things
So Many Times I've Failed
Help Me Stop This Endless Cycle
Remind Me Of How It Can Be

Take Me Back I Surrender All
Without You My Heart Is Broken
I Never Should Have Let You Go
I Never Should Have Let You Slip

Through My Arms

As The Sun Sets Tonight
I'll Hold You With All That I Am
I Never Should Have Let You Go
Promise Me Youll Stay With Me Forever

Forgive Me
For Running So Quickly To The Outside

::::Haste The Day- "American Love"::::


we are not poets. said...

Kudos :)

Beloved said...

I'll be there to pray with you :)

s f king said...

dude. wish i could be there to support you man. God Bless you as you die to yourself through this baptism. Its a good step :)

_abe said...

hey kid. proud of you.

Abby :) said...

I'm so sad I couldn't be there Jake! But know that I was praying for you and am so proud of you. I love you lots and will see you in May! :)

Jeremy said...

I came dang close to losing it at your was a beautiful thing. Almost all the people who have been there for you through the whole journey were there to watch you go through your marriage ceremony with Jesus. Amen bro. Keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...