Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's those nights...The ones where you can feel the air on your tongue...Feel it fill your nose when you breathe in...The thick night air...Then you look up and get lost...Lost in world you will never understand...Lost in a world that was created before you were even thought of by any human being...Each star seems to be there just for you...In that second, you feel a thousand different emotions and suddenly realize that there is more to life that you will never figure out, and you're ok with that...

You just want that moment.

In that moment, that brief window of time, God lives.

Don't worry about tomorrow.

You might miss what He just did.

I want to stand under the sky forever...But, I have responsibilities and obligations...I have a college degree to to invest in...weddings to be in and help with...friends to share life with...

All of these are good things of course, but my boy-like nature just wants to stand in awe for awhile...

What is the balance between growing up and having faith like a child? I'm 21...I have no idea... I'm on my way to figuring it out more though...Everyday...

The journey is it...The people you meet along the way...The ones who attach themselves you your life as you cling to theirs...

Stop looking to the next thing.

Realize what you have in the here and now.

This very moment is sacred.

So stop and look up at night.

I don't care if you don't feel these emotions often.

It's time to start.

"Awe is a way of being in rapport with the mystery of all reality. The awe that we sense or ought to sense when standing in the presence of a human being is a moment of intuition for the likeness of God which is concealed in his or her essence. Not only persons; even inanimate things stand in a relation to the Creator. The secret of every being is the divine care and concern that are invested in it. Something sacred is at stake in every moment."
--Abraham Joshua Heschel

I can feel the way you are and I want more
Like a warm summer rain or the quiet after a storm
Rain down on me your glory, Lord
Let my heart know the wonders of your ways
Cause I remember being lost and alone
But before you know, I find myself with hope
Hope to dream of endless fields
With waves of green and be taken away
I'm taken away with you

As I look up at the sky on this glorious night
I can sense you here with me
Oh, I couldn't count the times I've allowed this sky
To remind me that you are glorious
God, you are glorious
It seems every single day I'm amazed
At the way this world reveals your love
I couldn't ever find the words
To explain the ways in which you are glorious
God, you are glorious

::Ever Stays Red::


Me. Thats all. said...

Jake, stand in awe forever. Have faith like a child forever. It's okay!

Carolyn Marie said...

this goes along with our "random" exchange beautifully! awesome thoughts and emotions Jake :) and Marc is right, stay this way forever. You can stand in awe all the time. its okay. I think God would rather us worship him that way than with words any day. I think the way our spirits communicate is something beyond words, its those moments when you realize how small you are and you're okay with it. its awesome (only because i don't have another word to correctly describe the feeling) AMEN!

jim said...
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