Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Losing Battle In A Winning War...

A little song I wrote that my band is playing in a week...

A Losing Battle In A Winning War

It creeps up without warning
Enticing me to stay
I want to run, I want to hide
But I cannot fight
For I have chosen myself
I have chosen false strength
I fall into the pit of despair by my own hand
There was a door of hope, a door of life
But I refused
Help is what I need

All I have is emptiness

I no longer want my way
I want to fight together
I know we will win
Please Lord save me from myself


Anonymous said...

hits close to home

finding reality said...


I love it.

love you.

_abe said...

umm... so this is "sung" ( i use that term loosely) in a low raspy voice that scares the pee out of anything little?

pun meter flew off the charts.

Rachel said...

i totally feel this...
sometimes it seems easier to do it on our own.. boy aren't we wrong

Anonymous said...