Saturday, May 12, 2007

Empty Words...

I have this stuff festering inside of me that just needs to come out...In short, some are not who they seemed to be anymore...Some who taught me how to be a Christian has taken their own path of off the main trail...So I wrote these lyrics I hope to put to some music (screaming preferably :)...And it more or less gives a brief overview of what the last few years of my life have been...You probably could have figured out some of that on your own, but what the heck... Have a splendid day, all of you...:)


From the beginning you spoke to me the truth
You told me all about how life should be lived
I listened to you, and my eyes were opened
My life became a story, a song, a worthy cause
You were with me all the time, by my side
We battled together and dreamed together
We loved together and cried together
Thank you for your time

But then
Slowly the haze filled the room
Your image started to slip away
I could not see who you were anymore
I could not remember your name
You were changing and fading and running
All the things you taught me were thrown away
I searched for them, but they were gone

I became too afraid to find them and gave up
Only to find that there may be some hope
Again, Lucifer took hold of that and ripped it away
He left me standing in the desert, with only an image and story
I reached for your hand, but you were too far gone
Will you ever come back someday?

So I fall to my knees, begging for your life
Begging the One to rescue you from the depth
Hoping you'll listen and hear His voice
Hoping you'll know who you used to be
Just promise me this one thing, just one thing
That you will be with me in the end


_abe said...

literary composition is stupendous... chorus?? :)

Marco Aurelio said...

cool. i'm going to buy a cd by red jumpsuit apparatus. which one should i buy? "dont you fake it"?

Amanda said...

Maybe we should actually have a real conversation, all sarcasm aside, sometime. Sounds like you're dealing with stuff that I did with friends, and myself.

Anonymous said...